Resources: Avanti Mobile App

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How to complete a touchless, contactless payment with mobile app?

Login to the mobile app and simply navigate to the pay tab at the bottom of the screen to reveal your barcode.

After you scan bar codes of items you wish to purhcase, scan the barcode on the mobile phone app to pay.

How do I load funds to my account using the mobile app?
  1. Go to the reload tab at the bottom of the screen
  2. Select a reload amount
  3. Select to Add a card
  4. Enter your card information
  5. Your card will be recharged with the selected amount

Note: it can take up to a few minutes for the balance to update, usually it only takes a few seconds. Either way, your reload has gone through and you can make a purchase. The system will catch up after your purchase if the balance hasn’t yet updated on your mobile app

How can I view available offers for my market?

Go to the offers tab at the bottom of the screen

Note: the offers are static offers that can be redeemed at the kiosk